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Allotment holders who are being forced to make way for the Olympic Park in East London have reached an agreement that allows them to harvest this year's crops before being evicted. Plot-holders at Manor Garden Allotments had asked the High Court for a judicial review to stop the London Development Agency (LDA) evicting them. But in a last minute move, the LDA has agreed access should continue to some plots until September when the plot-holders will move to a temporary site in Waltham Forest, although they can return to Hackney Wick when the Games are over. The LDA said it would be taking ownership of the Hackney Wick site on 2 July but it conceded that a limited number of allotment holders would be allowed supervised access for two days a week until September. A spokesman said, ‘We have also arranged compensation and support packages for allotment holders - and after the Games we will be providing a larger allotment site on a landscaped Olympic Park.’

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Hampshire allotment gardeners are considering their next move after being dealt a major blow by the High Court in their fight to save their town centre plots. Mr Justice Calvert Smith blocked their route to judicial review although they have seven days to appeal. Eastleigh council can now press ahead with its plans to build 140 affordable homes on allotment land at South Street and Monks Way.

The council says it has a waiting list of more than 5,000 families queuing up to get a permanent roof over their heads and claims, ‘the disposal of the sites is necessary in order that an early start can be made on the construction of new housing which is urgently required to help reduce the enormous current demand for housing in the borough.’

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Posted by The Allotment Blogger on Tuesday, June 26, 2007


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