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Norwich girls Jazmine Malin and Hayley Massingham, have taken on an allotment! The two 12-year-olds are planting up the 12 metre square patch of earth as their entry for a competition being run by the Partners Against Crime Taskforce. The competition, called Wham, encourages teams to make a real difference to the area where they live by building better community relations and improving the local environment. The entry which judges feel has had the biggest impact will win a foreign holiday. Both Jazmine and Hayley hope that not only will pupils from local schools get involved but people from the local area will come along and help out, thus encouraging the old and young to build bridges and get to know one another better.

But before the girls can start to reap the fruits of their labour there is a lot of work to be done. The ground must be cleared and well dug. They are inviting as many people as possible down to the allotment on Sunday for a day of digging to give things a kick start. Hayley Staniforth, the extended school coordinator for Cromer, who helps form partnerships between the community and local schools, is helping the girls with their project. To get involved, or help out on Sunday's dig, call her on 07867 572153.

On the downside of allotment life, a group in Gildersome, Morley have hit out at vandals who burnt their clubhouse to the ground. Tony Eastwood, secretary of Gelderd Road Allotments, said they were disgusted by the arson attack at the beginning of May. The fire service was called but were too late for the shed and everything it contained. Mr Eastwood said, ‘They call us the last of the summer wine gang, there are six of us, all pensioners who like to get away from it all and do a bit of digging, and get out from under the feet of our wives. The shed was where we could go when it rained or to have a cup of coffee in the morning and have a chat.’ He said that to replace the shed would cost them £800, far more than any of them can afford.


Posted by The Allotment Blogger on Friday, May 16, 2008


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