Allotment generosity

Here’s what we’ve been loaned or given so far:

Petrol powered strimmer (loan)
Van (loan)
Celery, tomato, garlic, leek and cabbage seedlings
Echium seedlings
Water butt
Wood and pallets to build fencing
Unlimited amounts of advice!

It’s amazing how nice people can be when they see you up on the plot. We’ve noticed it before of course, but because we’ve always been ‘visitors’ on other people’s plots, we’d sort of assumed it was the plot owner’s sunny personality that caused the generosity.

Now we have a plotshare, we’re finding that the generosity continues (and I don’t have a sunny personality, so it can’t be that!)

We haven’t forgotten our old friends who gave us so many opportunities to work alongside them until we got a plot of our own – on Sunday we’re going up to sink a small pool liner for Beryl, and I’ve potted up a marsh marigold to give it an instant start – a kind of housewarming present for a pond!

Tomorrow’s tasks:

--Plant cabbage seedlings
--Water if necessary
--Weed around beans and beetroot
--Work out where to put celery! It’s self-blanching, but even so, we didn’t think we’d get any in this year, so we’re having to be a bit flexible about our plot plans.

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Posted by The Allotment Blogger on Thursday, June 5, 2008


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