Allotment psychology

What does your allotment say about you? I’m fascinated by other people’s plots and the way they reveal personalities.

On our site we have quite a few very orderly allotments, everything measured with a ruler (and sometimes, it looks like the plants have been subjected to a spirit level as well, they are so perfectly level), everything in its place, neat, tidy, productive and organized.

And we have many higgledy piggledy plots, with haphazard fences and twisty paths, odd-shaped beds and weird little bits and pieces of furniture, sculpture and other idiosyncrasies. Angela has a rustic swing on hers, our next door neighbour has a porch that sags in the middle so it looks like a boat hung up on the front of his shed, and there’s a wonderful allotment on one end of one of the rows that has a chessboard area planted with lettuces and herbs and two topiary ‘kings’. And there are lots like this one, with an exuberance of things that aren’t quite crops but probably couldn’t be called flowerbeds. A sort of compromise between utility and beauty.

Ours falls somewhere between the two extremes. Our beds are straight(ish) but our paths definitely meander. Our fence is level but probably won’t end up being straight because we’ve only put up half of it and already we can see that it would be a lot easier to go round a couple of old tree roots than dig them out. I suppose that anybody looking at our plot would say that we have good intentions but get derailed quite easily, and that’s probably true of our lifestyle in general! I wonder whether any researcher has ever investigated the way that our allotments match up to our personality types – it would be a fascinating project.

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Posted by The Allotment Blogger on Sunday, September 28, 2008


Blogger Jopan said...

Hello my names Jopan. nasturtium leaves at least in my garden are much more populer than cabbage leaves, although we had catapilers on both. The little buggers destroyed our nasturtiums completly but only touched the cabbage a little. (i did pick them off though) I think SOME companion planting works, But i've never managed to trick the carrot fly with onions yet though. Damn the little sods!!!

October 7, 2008 at 10:55 PM  

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