Allotment tasks for October

It’s so hard to plan the next couple of weeks. Tomorrow 24th is White Night in Brighton and that means many cultural events with places staying open all night. And of course we all get an extra hour’s sleep on Sunday, to make up for staying up all night – but should we go to the allotment on Saturday, and risk not making it to White Night, or leave it until Sunday and risk not making it to the allotment if we did many to party the night through?

Then the teen wants to have a barbecue at the allotment on Hallowe’en. Should we view this as a good idea, and perhaps a sign of his impending interest in things horticultural, or should we fear the arrival of a dozen teenagers who might trample our beds and squash our squashes?

Whatever, the top part of the allotment (the bed of shame, as I call it) has been strimmed and looks a lot better, once it’s rotovated it should be better still! I’m already planning which squashes to grow on it next year. Any recommendations?

And the picture shows what I hope to be doing next year. One of our allotment neighbours has been cutting the ferns on his asparagus bed – we have exactly six ferns to cut: you could fold them into a shoebox and still have room for shoes, but we dream of the day we’ll have a heap of ferns to cut, just like these!

And yes, that means the AGM went well and I have 'my' plot for another year!

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Posted by The Allotment Blogger on Friday, October 23, 2009


OpenID said...

what is it you intend to do with the ferns if you get enough???

And I say go to the party...after all it's only once a year and the allotment isn't going to do much if you leave it for a week this time of year.

As for the bbq...I'm not commenting on that and risking being blamed by either a teen or you for the wrong

October 24, 2009 at 12:48 AM  
Blogger The Allotment Blogger said...

I don't intend to do anything, just enjoy the fact that I'll also have had loads of asparagus to eat too!

We did go, and we made it to the allotment on Sunday and dug over a goodly bit and got some manure down too.

BBG - still pondering!

October 26, 2009 at 9:44 AM  

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