December allotment tasks

Okay, in lieu of what we are doing, shall I tell you about what we should be doing?

• Scrubbing out the cold frame which had our cucumbers in it. Okay, honesty is called for. The cold frame that still has our (deceased) cucumber plants in it! The glass needs washing down with hot soapy water and then all the gremlins like moss and algae need to be scraped off with a palette knife.
Fence repairs – we’ve never actually got around to replacing the fence at the front of the plot, where it joins the ‘road’ and I suspect we never will now, but the fence panel (half pallet) nearest the gate has rotted through its support and needs replacing. We should really give it all another coat of wood preservative too, as I suspect the preservative is the only thing holding most of the fence together!
• I ought to be earthing up my kale and Brussels sprouts too.
• I’ve already mulched my rhubarb and globe artichokes but I notice that the Guardian allotment blog also advises putting straw or bracken around globe artichoke crowns, so I am relaxed about my own plant-to-plant mulching system and actually think I might be able to teach their blogger a trick!

And why am I not doing any of this? Because it’s still raining …

PS - isn't this the BEST scarecrow ever?

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Posted by The Allotment Blogger on Friday, December 4, 2009


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