Allotment paths, raised beds and broad bean update

We’ve moved three raised beds from plot # 201 to plot #103 in preparation for giving up our old plot once our purple sprouting broccoli is over. Two have been resettled in their new (temporary) locations – one will be for parsnips and the other will be for leeks, and the third, which is still standing on end on a patch of undug ground at the top of the plot, will be for summer squash once we’ve dug and levelled and manured the soil where it is to be laid down. These are the beds that OH made from old decking which somebody was throwing out. There’s a long pointed stake in each corner of each bed, so that we can hammer them into the ground and be sure they will be stable. On plot #201 they were all different colours because we used up all the pots of paint that we had kicking around the garage, but on plot #103 I think they’re going to be green, green, green and green, as all we seem to have left is green paint.

The reason we didn’t get round to putting down the third bed is that the council had dropped off a huge pile of chippings and we wanted to grab as many as we could to make a path. The chippings are made from old Christmas trees and have a glorious pine fragrance but this batch, at least are pretty rough and you wouldn’t want to use them as mulch, because there are six to eight inch chunks of pine stem in amongst the finer litter. It’s an ideal material for paths though, as you can see.

We have a lovely circular path now, around our fleece-covered circular strawberry bed. It looks great!

And I had to run back up to the plot today, to correct something we’d left undone on Sunday. We lifted the glass from our broad beans, because the leaves were actually starting to push against their glass lids, and then I remembered (at ten o’clock at night) that last year, on plot #201, the birds took the tops out of all our late germinating broad beans and they could do the same this year! Admittedly, plot #201 is surrounded by trees in which the pigeons sit and watch us work, while plot #103 isn’t, and has instead a resident blackbird pair and a robin and possibly a wren. Anyway, when I got back up there at ten o’clock in the morning on Monday no beans had been pecked to bits, but to be on the safe side, I used some of the holly and a lot of the horrible overhanging elder that we’ve been trimming back, to make it impossible for the birds to fly in and land between the beans which is what they need to do to then be able to peck off the tender green growth.

All in all, plot #103 is actually starting to look like an allotment at last and that’s exciting.

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Posted by The Allotment Blogger on Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Blogger Joanna said...

So much green! We are getting there, a foot of snow must have melted in the last few days. Hubby is busy clearing off snow from round the ruins of the polytunnel so it can be re-built, then we might start playing catch up with you. It is nice to see how much progress you have made on your new allotment, no wonder your proud of it, and so you should be!

March 15, 2011 at 7:17 AM  
Anonymous allotments4you said...

You're definitely making good's always nice when a plan comes together nicely.

March 15, 2011 at 2:00 PM  

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