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Sunday was our allotment Open Day. Lots of people turned up, probably because the weather was marvellous, and we had craft stalls in our central car park, with people dipping candles, selling wonderful turned wood items and offering home-made cakes, refreshments and hand-made cards.

Several other plots were open for the day, including plot 22 which is a social enterprise plot – we were impressed by the courgette and lemon cake we grabbed for our lunch!

On plot 103 I ran a Grow and Tell workshop: this month it combined container gardening with some writing exercises exploring people and places a how they interact. The participants seemed to have a good time, I certainly did, and now I am looking forward to the September workshop which will cover Reaping what you Sow: how to harvest and store crops and writing stories with appropriate pace and detail. We’re also going to have a produce tasting session so people can try their hands at writing about tastes and flavours!

Back to yesterday: we looked at how to group containers to create a mini-ecosystem, at drainage and why it matters, and at the plants you can (and can’t) grow together. I demonstrated making strawberry fertiliser from runners and excess leaves and several participants picked their own maincrop peas to take home for dinner, while others opted for marrows, courgettes and Royal Black chillies to take home.

By the end of the day I was tired but very happy – plot 103 looked amazing (although we need to widen our paths for wheelchair access) and the whole day was a great experience, with many allotment-holders on hand to talk to visitors about their plots and many visitors full of enthusiasm for the site and the different growing styles they found on it. Roll on next Open Day!

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Posted by The Allotment Blogger on Monday, July 25, 2011


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