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It’s definitely autumn now – the thornless blackberry is always the earliest precursor of the change of weather, so despite the fact that the weather is tropical, the day length is what triggers plants into leaf change. It’s actually still a debate of high scientific interest especially as to why some ‘bred’ trees have a different colour change pattern to their ‘wild’ relatives.

Autumn is also pumpkin weather. This week I made a pumpkin curry with one of our unnamed seed swap pumpkins grown from seed, plus a baby cauliflower, some frozen broad beans instead of green beans, loads of glut tomatoes and one of our onions. The result … pretty meh, to be honest. We were not thrilled with it, even though I got the recipe from the Good Food Channel.

I love it when I can cook a meal entirely from home-grown vegetables but if it doesn’t taste fantastic it seems like a waste of our efforts. The pumpkin may not have been fully cured: it was orange but maybe it needed longer (the closest I can come to a variety is the American Long Pie Pumpkin which is most closely resembles) although we’d hacked open our first Turk’s Turban a week earlier and it was utterly delicious.

So I am happy to say that this recipe—quite average tasting as a curry—turned out to be utterly fantastic the next day when whizzed in the blender with water and a tablespoon of mushroom ketchup, and turned into a curried pumpkin soup!

We have two more of the elongated pumpkins to use up, so I may put them in a warm place for a month or so to see if their flavour develops further, but if the next one is equally uninspiring, I can at least look forward to some very good spicy soups this winter!

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Posted by The Allotment Blogger on Thursday, September 29, 2011


Anonymous Cathy said...

Wow you are further ahead than me on the pumpkin front. I haven't picked any yet although I have some growing in both the garden and the lottie.
We had loads last year and I made numerous curries and spicy soups with the added addition of my secret ingredient: cunchy peanut butter. As long as no one has a nut allergy this is a fab addition, giving a satay-style flavour. I can't recommend it enough.

September 30, 2011 at 7:07 AM  

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