Allotment hauls and overwintered crops

Below is my photo for Matron’s 20 December blog about Christmas vegetables, complete with an impromptu portrait of my toes!

We emptied one of our potato containers for the photo, managing that time to photograph both my toes and OH's, and were pleased with the results: a reasonable haul of fresh potatoes with a lovely floury flavour that is unusual in December. These are the potatoes that we grow in bags, sacks and boxes in odd corners around the site that aren’t being used – as we approach the first frost date we move the containers into the cold greenhouse so that they don’t get damaged by the cold, and then we empty out one container at a time until we’ve used them all up.

In addition to the potatoes we’ll be harvesting purple kale, mooli, parsnips and (we hope) early purple sprouting broccoli to eat for our Christmas dinner. We’ll also have garlic to roast and mash into these lovely spuds . . .

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Posted by The Allotment Blogger on Friday, December 9, 2011


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