February allotment tasks

It’s always a dodgy month, February. Either it’s hideously damp and the ground is too waterlogged to dig, or it’s horribly cold and the ground is too frozen to dig! This year it’s the latter, and we haven’t been able to do a single, useful, thing for ten days, allotment-wise.

Laughably, we put some soil coverings out just before the intense frost and sub-zero temperatures, but it will be worse than useless given the air temperature and the aridity that results from such low temperatures. We can’t dig, either, although where we did dig in January, the clods will be beautifully shattered by the cold weather.

I have three potting sheds, and they are all too cold to work in! So I’ve been potting on the Kelsae onions on the kitchen table, which is usually forbidden (compost in the teapot and grit in the butter and all that) but there’s been absolutely no choice about the matter – if they weren’t potted on they would have failed, and they couldn’t go outside to the somewhat heated greenhouse, as that’s dropping below zero overnight and Kelsae won’t be doing with such bitter temperatures.

We should be sowing leeks, peas and F1 hybrid broccolis now, but there’s just no point until the temperatures are likely to rise, and with this cold snap looking less like snap and more like a long-drawn-out game of bridge, we can’t start anything off that needs night temperatures above zero.

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Posted by The Allotment Blogger on Wednesday, February 8, 2012


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