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The rain is stopping us doing very much on the allotment at present. OH has been to the plot today to plant peas – as a cool season crop, peas really rather enjoy the April showers and anything short of total waterlogging will please them more than a hot day.

In between dodging showers we’re doing structural work. The bamboo that we cut from the garden a few weeks ago is still supple enough to be shaped, and while it may not be strong enough to act as a support, it can be strengthened.

The picture shows a bamboo wind-break. It will be sunk into the ground at a point where plot #103 is very windy, or where we tend to cut corners and walk across the plot instead of using the path. If it’s the former, we’ll grow a nasturtium up it, to provide a crop (lovely flowers and leaves for salads and seeds to pickle like capers in autumn) and reinforce the wind-break’s power. If it’s the latter, we’ll hang stuff off it that might come in useful: a couple of bits of wire, some plant clips, and a hook on which to put gloves or a hat if we get too hot to wear them, or hang pruners or a trowel when we’ve finished with it. That way we can just look around the plot at the end of the day and identify all the strewn belongings that would otherwise blend in with the soil. It’s a much easier task to gather up all the tools and kit when we’ve got a series of landmarks beside which we’ve placed them.

OH will be teaching this kind of structure building in September. But in the meantime I’m working on something else – here’s the half-way stage!

Posted by The Allotment Blogger on Thursday, April 19, 2012


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